Mbumanje and the king’s pipe


Written by: Emmanuel Matateyou

Illustrated by: Mounir Mohamed Ngoupayou

ISBN : 978-9956-10-164-1



Mbumanjé is beautiful maiden in Kourom village. The king discovers her and decides to make her his queen, since she seems to possess all the virtues of a good wife. During the Nja festival, the king decides to recompense his mothers-in-law publicly. The beautiful queen Mbumanjé denies her mother publicly due to her disability. Her mother feels bad and decides to curse her daughter: it’s the beginning of a long Calvary…

About the Author

Emmanuel Matateyou is a teacher, literary critic and writer. … He is the author of several novels and works on African literature and languages:  » La Princesse de Massangam « , « Parlons bamoun »,  » Comment enseigner la littérature orale africaine? » and  » Madiba et le vieux lion « 

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 21 × 14 cm


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