Mbumanjé and Bamum Royal Pipe


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  • Author: Emmanuel Matateyou
  • Illustrator: Mounir Mohamed Ngoupayou
  • ISBN: 978-9956-10-170-2
  • Themes: Culture | Bamoun | Education | Tradition | Roots | Obedience | Maternal love | Family

It was the day of the Nja festival. The entire capital was animated. Each queen woke up, went towards the crowd and returned with their mothers in front of the throne, where the king gave them gifts. When it was Mbumanjé’s turn to present her mother to the king, she went towards the crowd, and to everyone’s surprise, presented a healthy-looking woman who was well dressed. Disappointment!

Dimensions 21 × 14.5 cm
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Genre éditorial


Langue du livre


Formats du livre

Paperback, eBook

Date de parution

Avril 2021


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